Caro Emerald - Tangled up

I took the perfect avenue, down the road to both of you
Did I go dutch?
This is too much!
With all the money in the world
You could never buy this girl
Quite enough, it will be tough
If romancing me with neons is something you should do
May the letters write in luminous, in-lou
And get me wicked up
Shake it up
Tangled up
You could be breaking up, making up
Tangled up
You can’t be faking it,
Making it from my love
With all this tragedy, don’t get me tangled up
I can’t separate your sins,
To me you’re acting like you’re twins
This is a mess,
Is this a test?
How many guesses do I get?
Till only one of you is left
You’re quite the same,
If love’s the gain
I want to see emotions coloring the sky
To the point it will make me wanna cry
And get me wicked up
Shake it up…